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Jhully Lopes


With a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, graduated in 2015. I have experience in designing interfaces for mobile apps, websites, and software. My creations are based on design best practices, usability guidelines, and design systems to keep consistency throughout the entire application.

My goal is to create design solutions that provide a positive interaction between the user and the application, taking into account not only visual, functional, and emotional aspects, but also usability. These combination leads me to achieve the users' needs and promote a pleasant experience.

On my daily work, I collaborate effectively with developers, UX designers, Product owners, managers, Scrum master and stakeholders to ensure that the design is implemented successfully and meets the project goals.

*Additional information:

I have permanent residence in Germany


In my daily work, I use Figma as my main tool, as well Jira, Miro and confluence. Besides that, I also have expertise with Adobe Suite. (Ae is still in progress, at a very early stage).

KDS collaboration.png


The Key

To progress


More about me

I'm brazilian, but let's say NOT a typical one...

Don't be surprise...



I don't like hot weather

The beginning of spring and Autumn

is the perfect weather time for me.

10 to 16 °C degrees is great!!! 

Foreigners call me crazy...

I'm not a beach fan

Kind of related to the previous is about the sun and hot temperatures, I can't handle it.

Don't judge me!

I don't like Carnival/Soccer

On carnival season, I usually spent time on countryside, peaceful and quiet. About soccer, I just watch on the world cup. Hey! this is not too bad.

I Love traveling

But I hate air planes.

I've visit so far, 20 countries.

Photo/video shooting and editing

Who knows me, also knows how passionate I'm about it!

Just check my instagram page and you might understand.  

Fitness topics

I enjoy to know how our body works and how food benefits our health.

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